Nevermore Item Build

Friday, September 6th 2013. | Item Builds

Dota Hero Item Build Nevermore (Shadow Fiend). Nevermore is a little hero that requires skill in playing it. This hero is quite difficult for beginners who do not know the skills they have to detail. Nevermore fit to fight an enemy who has a great body. Shadowraze Skill has great damage and area of effect that can be used for farming or killing enemies. Presence of the Dark Lord is a skill possessed by Nevermore that reduces enemy armor. The skill stacks with item “minus armor” others, such as Assault Cuirass.

Dota Hero Item Build Nevermore (Shadow Fiend)

Nevermore Hero Statistic

Nevermore Item Build

Name: Nevermore – The Shadow Fiend
Primary: AGI
Strength: 15 + 2
Agility: 20 + 2.9
Intelligence: 18 + 2
Damage: 35 – 41
Armor: 2
HP: 435
HP Regen: 0.95
Mana: 234
Mana Regen: 0.73
Range: 500
Move Speed: 305

Skill Build for Nevermore
1. Necromastery
2. Shadowraze
3. Shadowraze
4. Necromastery
5. Shadowraze
6. Necromastery
7. Shadowraze
8. Necromastery
9. Requiem of Souls
10. Presence of the Dark Lord
11. Requiem of Souls
12. Presence of the Dark Lord
13. Presence of the Dark Lord
14. Presence of the Dark Lord
15. Stats
16. Requiem of Souls
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Wraith Band
Power Threads
Wraith Band
Power Threads

Wraith Band adds capacity Mana, Hp and Agility to attack you do will be faster. Power Threads are also useful to increase the attack speed (Agi) and movement speed will make it easy to move.

Middle Game Item Build
Lothars Edge
Linkens Sphere
Lothar’s Edge
Linken’s Sphere

Lothar’s is a core item in middle game you have to be fast.

This item makes use Requiem of Soul Skill perfectly. Linken’s Sphere serves to block enemy spells being waged against you.

Late Game Item Build
Stygian Desolator
Stygian Desolator

Stygian Desolator is an item that can increase the damage so attacks that you do will make enemy die quickly. This item can also reduce enemy armor that items stack with Presence of the Dark Lord skill.

Luxury Item Build

  • Assault Cuirass
  • Monkey King Bar
  • The Butterfly
  • Buriza do Kyanon

How to Play Nevermore

Nevermore a carry hero so if all items already owned, then you can easily kill the enemy. How to use Nevermore is as follows.

First, use Lothar’s Edge to Wind Walk so you become invisible. At that time, approached the enemy until your body is right in the middle of enemy bodies. Use the Requiem of Souls to attack the enemy and then use Shadowraze to kill him. Keep a safe distance when using Shadowraze enemy to the right of the enemy.

Lothar’s Edge – Requiem of Souls – Shadowraze – hit hit hit