Tidehunter Item Build

Wednesday, August 14th 2013. | Item Builds

Dota Hero Item Build Tidehunter (Leviathan). Tidehunter is a hero who has the most extensive disable skill in Dota. He has a skill that can be used block damage he received from enemy attacks. With the defense and the skills he has, he match open war and moving the front row.

Dota Hero Item Build Tidehunter (Leviathan)

Tidehunter Hero Statistic

Tidehunter Item Build

Name: Leviathan
Affiliation: STR Neutral
Strength: 22 + 3
Agility: 15 + 1.5
Intelligence: 16 + 1.7
HP: 568
HP Regen: 0.91
Mana: 208
Mana Regen: 0.65
Damage: 47 – 53
Armor: 3.1
Move speed: 310
Attack Range: 100 (melee)
Attack Speed: 0.68
Attack Animation: 0.6 / 0.56
Missile Speed: Instant
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Skill Build for Tidehunter
1. Gush
2. Kraken Shell
3. Gush
4. Kraken Shell
5. Gush
6. Ravage
7. Gush
8. Kraken Shell
9. Kraken Shell
10. Anchor Smash
11. Ravage
12. Anchor Smash
13. Anchor Smash
14. Anchor Smash
15. Stats
16. Ravage
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Magic Wand
Boot of Speed
Empty Bottle

Magic Wand
Boot of Speed
Empty Bottle

Bracer adds HP and Mana capacity so you become more powerful in early game. Magic Wand increases the capacity Mana and HP to be able to use your skills with often. Boot of Speed adds movement speed in lane so makes you move freely. Empty Bottle able to add HP and Mana, but it also can be used to store the Power Up to use at the right time to fight the enemy.

Middle Game Item Build
Arcane Boots
Kelen’s Dagger

Arcane Boots
Kelen’s Dagger

You need a lot of Mana so the most suitable shoes to use the Arcane Boots.

That the use of “Ravange Skill” appropriately then you need the Kelen’s Dagger item. This item is suitable for use when you want to open a war to destroy the enemy’s defense.

Late Game Item Build
Heart of Tarasque

Heart of Tarasque

You are Strength hero, so to improve the defense in the late game, you need the item Heart of Tarasque.

Luxury Item Build

  • Assault Cuirass
  • Shiva’s Guard
  • Radiance
  • Refresher ORB

How to Play Tidehunter

Tidehunter a suitable hero for open war and was in the front row. To use Tidehunter is as follows.

The first lie low in the jungle to stake out enemy then use Kelen’s Dagger and disable enemy using Ravange so that your team can easily attack the enemy. Use Gush on enemy being targeted by your team so that he can be killed easily. That way uses Tidehunter in battle.