Skeleton King Item Build

Sunday, August 11th 2013. | Item Builds

Dota Hero Item Build Skeleton King (King Leoric). Skeleton King is a Strength hero which will act as Support Tanker. Skills that make you a Support Tanker is Reincarnation. Skill is able to make life from death and return to full HP and Mana. You have the skill Vampiric Aura that creep or your team is close to you will get lifesteal effect. Disable an enemy is your duty that is using Hellfire Blast. Skill has a very short cooldown is 8 seconds so you can use it repeatedly.

Dota Hero Item Build Skeleton King (King Leoric)

Skeleton King Hero Statistic

Skeleton King Item Build

Name: King Leoric
Affiliation: STR Scourge
Strength: 22 + 2.9
Agility: 18 + 1.7
Intelligence: 13 + 1.6
HP: 568
HP Regen: 0.91
Mana: 169
Mana Regen: 0.53
Damage: 54 – 56
Armor: 3.6
Move speed: 300
Attack Range: 128 (melee)
Missile Speed: instant
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Skill Build for Skeleton King
1. Hellfire Blast
2. Stats
3. Hellfire Blast
4. Stats
5. Hellfire Blast
6. Reincarnation
7. Hellfire Blast
8. Critical Strike
9. Critical Strike
10. Vampiric Aura
11. Reincarnation
12. Vampiric Aura
13. Vampiric Aura
14. Vampiric Aura
15. Critical Strike
16. Reincarnation
17. Critical Strike
18-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Soul Ring
Boot of Speed

Soul Ring
Boot of Speed

Soul Ring is an item that can add Mana but reduces HP, because you have so lifesteal item is suitable for you. You need a Mana if at any time the remaining bit of your blood, so when it dies, you can bounce back with Reincarnation. Boot of Speed helps to make you move freely in the lane.

Middle Game Item Build
Power Threads
Armlet of Mordiggian
Sange and Yasha

Power Threads
Armlet of Mordiggian
Sange and Yasha

Power Threads adds movement speed and the most important is to add attack speed.

Armlet of mordiggian give huge damage especially if you have critical strike appears. Sange and Yasha gives attack speed and also able to make a slow enemy so you can attack him freely.

Late Game Item Build
Stygian Desolator

Stygian Desolator

Stygian Desolator can reduce the enemy armor so that the enemy received damage will be even greater, especially if your critical strike triggered.

Luxury Item Build

  • Assault Cuirass
  • Vladmir’s Offering
  • Orchid Malevolence
  • Linken’s Sphere
  • Radiance

How to Play Skeleton King

Skeleton King is a hero is easy to play because it only has a few active skills. For uses the Skeleton King is as follows.

The first approach enemies and invoke Armlet of Mordiggian then stun enemy using Hellfire Blast. Hit enemy repeatedly until Hellfire reached cooldown. If you already cooldown then use to disable the enemy again and hit the enemy to death.