Rikimaru Item Build

Monday, August 19th 2013. | Item Builds

Dota Hero Item Build Rikimaru (Stealth Assassin). Rikimaru is a hero who has a permanent invisible so the enemy will fight hassles. He has an important role on his team because it is often used to scout enemy being juggling alone. You can make a helpless because the Smoke Screen skill the enemy cannot use the skill. Rikimaru dealing with enemies who would have difficulty escaping because she has a Blink Strike can attack enemies at once approached him.

Dota Hero Item Build Rikimaru (Stealth Assassin)

Rikimaru Hero Statistic

Rikimaru Item Build

Name: Rikimaru
Affiliation: Sentinel
Strength: 17 + 2
Agility: 34 + 2.9
Intelligence: 14 + 1.3
Damage: 48 – 52
Armor: 6.4
HP: 473
Mana: 182
Move speed: 300
Range: 125 (melee)
Base Attack Time: 1.37 (+24%)

Skill Build for Rikimaru
1. Blink Strike
2. Smokescreen
3. Blink Strike
4. Backstab
5. Blink Strike
6. Permanent Invisibility
7. Blink Strike
8. Backstab
9. Backstab
10. Backstab
11. Permanent Invisibility
12. Smoke Screen
13. Smoke Screen
14. Smoke Screen
15. Attribute Bonus
16. Permanent Invisibility
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Wraith Band
Power Threads

Wraith Band
Power Threads

Wraith Band adds Agility and Mana so you get a backstab bonus of extra Agility you get from this item. Power Threads can also increase the agility so backstab bonus well you get, but it also increased Movement Speed to move freely in the Lane.

Middle Game Item Build
Mask of Madness
Cranium Basher
Gem of True Sight

Mask of Madness
Cranium Basher
Gem of True Sight

Mask of Madness produced lifesteal so every blow that you have embarked on an enemy will add your HP. This item also adds Attack Speed is useful to kill enemies quickly.

Cranium Basher produces mini stun so the enemy would have trouble against. Gem of True Sight works to find Sentry Ward Enemy is used against you. Destroy Sentry Ward Enemy and then replace it with your Sentry Ward.

Late Game Item Build
The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The Butterfly adds incredible Attack Speed so it fits with your potency. With this, the easier it is for the enemy will be killed.

Luxury Item Build

  • Sange and Yasha
  • Buriza do Kyanon
  • Linken’s Sphere

How to Play Rikimaru

Rikimaru is an Agility hero that is easy to use to kill the enemies that are alone. He will not be seen by the enemy when not to attack. How to use Rikimaru is as follows.

First, approach the enemy, and then activate Mask of Madness. At that time, attack using Blink Strike and Backstab, use Smokescreen so the enemy can’t use the skill. Continue to attack until the enemy dies.