Balanar Item Build

Thursday, August 8th 2013. | Item Builds

Dota Hero Item Build Balanar (Night Stalker). Balanar is a strength hero that has maximum potential when the evening. At night time, Balanar the ability to rise sharply increases movement speed by 35% and attack speed by 75%. He has “Void” with huge damage and are also able to make the enemy hit slow effect. He also has a skill that can make enemies hit “silent” during the day. Because of the skills possessed balanar can work up in the night, he was awarded the Darkness skill that can change day into night. Thus, the skills he had to be able to work with a maximum of conquered enemy.

Dota Hero Item Build Balanar (Night Stalker)

Balanar Hero Statistic

Balanar Item Build

Balanar – The Night Stalker
Primary: Strength (Scourge)
Strength: 23 + 2.8
Agi: 18 + 2.25
Int: 16 + 1.6
Damage: 47 – 51
Armor: 6
HP: 587
HP Regen: 0.94
Mana: 208
Mana Regen: 0.65
Range: 100
Move Speed: 295
Attack Speed: 1.44

Skill Build for Balanar
1. Crippling Fear
2. Hunter in the Night
3. Void
4. Void
5. Void
6. Hunter in the Night
7. Void
8. Hunter in the Night
9. Hunter in the Night
10. Darkness
11. Darkness
12. Crippling Fear
13. Crippling Fear
14. Crippling Fear
15. Stats
16. Darkness
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Empty Bottle
Boot of Speed

Empty Bottle
Boot of Speed

Bracer adds capacity HP and Mana so that you become more powerful in the early game. Empty bottle is very useful to increase HP and Mana. It can also be used to save power up. If you get a double damage then you can kill heroes easily supported with a full capacity of Mana.

Boot of Speed adds movement speed in the lane so that makes you move freely.

Middle Game Item Build
Power Threads
Helm of Dominator
Sange and Yasha

Power Threads
Helm of Dominator
Sange and Yasha

Power Threads adds movement speed and most importantly the attack speed also increases. Helm of dominator add armor and also gives lifesteal so that you waged punch to the enemy will increase your hp slowly. Sange and Yasha add attack speed and also produce maim effect against enemies affected by your attacks. With the state, would be easier to kill the enemy at night because of the movement declined rapidly. This item is very synergistic with Void skill that can be slow to make enemies.

Late Game Item Build
Monkey King Bar

Monkey King Bar

Monkey King Bar is able to give you the damage and attack speed is great. In addition, this item also able to provide mini stun effect so that the enemy will be difficult to attack because it is more often the stun of the Monkey King Bar. Radiance is also able to deal damage and attack enemies around you. So it is synergy with the skills that make you shapeshift always close with the enemy.

Luxury Item Build

  • Satanic
  • Buriza do Kyanon

How to Play Balanar

Balanar is very great hero that night, he has the potential ability of the evening. Balanar is not difficult to be played by anyone as long as it has the right to know the item build. How to use Balanar is as follows.

The first approach enemies and use Crippling Fear then attack the enemy using the Void. Perform these steps until the enemy dies, if it had come up during use Darkness to increase your potential again. Use too Satanic to help increase your HP to full again.

That’s the simple way to use balanar to kill the enemy.