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Huskar Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Huskar (Sacred Warrior). Huskar is one type of strength hero that attacks the Range. With range mode, this hero can control the line easily. It became one of the best heroes in Dota. Although he is a hero killer, but in the early game should be careful because they have skills reduces HP. In the early game a very small amount of base HP, which is about 492.

Dota Hero Item Build Huskar (Sacred Warrior)

Huskar Hero Statistic
Huskar Sacred Warrior item build
Name: Huskar
Affiliation: STRENGTH
Strength: 18 + 2.4Agility: 20 + 2.4
Intelligence: 18 + 1.5
Damage: 39 - 48
Armor: 1.8
HP: 492
Mana: 234
Movespeed: 300
Range: 400 (ranged)
Attack Time: 1.33 (+20%)

Skill Build for Huskar
1. Burning Spears
2. Berserker Blood
3. Burning Spears
4. Berserker Blood
5. Burning Spears
6. Life Break
7. Berserker Blood
8. Berserker Blood
9. Inner Vitality
10. Life Break
11. Inner Vitality
12. Inner Vitality
13. Inner Vitality
14. Stat
15. Stat
16. Life Break
17. and later just all stats

Early Game Item Build
Bracer Power Trade
Bracer - This item is great for adding capacity HP, where and armor in the early game. Huskar is very weak in the early game but can be addressed with this item.
Power Trade - to increase the movement speed and attack speed. 

Mid Game Item Build
Armlet Of Mordiggian
Armlet Of Mordiggian - This item will increase damage, attack speed, and hp regen so Huskar will be stronger and be a hero killer.
Black King Bar - Huskar will not be attacked by using the selected skill. It also increases the damage and strength.

Late Game Item Build

Buriza-Do Kyanon - makes Huskar faster in killing the enemy. By the time HP Huskar least, this item will make a the greater critical damage.
Heart Of Tarasque - will give you +40 HP Strenght, 2% HP Regen and HP +300. This item makes you stronger and less prone to be killed by another hero. If you do not purchase these items, you can replace it with Hood Of Deviance Or Vanguard.

Luxury Item
  1. Sange and Yasha
  2. Monkey King Bar
  5. Satanic

How To Play Huskar

Huskar is a hero is simple and easy to use. To kill an enemy, you can use 2 skills is Life Break and Burning Spears.
Firstly activate auto-casting Burning Spears. Then use Life Breaker to enemy. When Life Breaker hit an enemy just do normal attack.

In addition to the above, you can use this method.
Firstly activate auto-casting Burning Spears. Then attack normal the enemy, when the enemy flee, use Life Breaker to kill him.

Burning Spears - Life Breaker - Inner Vitality


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